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Hey I’m Lia Sadii, but you can just call me Lala. I’m a 19 year old girl who is quirky, sweet, and has a loving heart but for some reason the guy I’m obsessed with still doesn’t like me. I mean I’m a catch. I love acting like I’m the main character and sometimes you’ll find me…well not sometimes, ALWAYS talking to my self in my room as I’m in one of those gen z dramatic Hollywood movies. Also people might not know this but I’m a great dancer aside from the fact I have broken three bones, 2 ankle sprains, and caused many many bruises. But other than that, I can dance like there is no tomorrow, oh and I also sing. Singing in the shower, in the car, at school, and even when I’m asleep, and that’s only because I have a voice of an angel…well a beginner angel but still an angel. 

You see I have the full package yet still the love of my life Joshua can’t seem to get it, and I haven’t even told you about my athletic side. Name any sport you want and I have done it and tried it…I never said I was any good at them but I still did it.

 Now doesn’t that show how determined I am and how I love embarrassment. But there is that one sport that I was very good at, running. Other than the fact every time I ran, I felt like I couldn’t breath and my heart was gonna explode, it was still an amazing hobby and surprisingly I stuck with it for more than 6 years!

 So you know about my athletic side, my beginner angelic voice, my dangerous dancing skills, and my professional acting, but what about my soft and artistic side? I played the violin for 8 years, you know the instrument that has the four strings, and when you touch them they make that beautiful sound, well only if you’re as good as me. 

I was so good that I have dropped that instrument more than how many shoes I have in my closet…and by the way I have a lot of shoes! Well that’s enough about me, how’s life been treating you?


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