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Hey I’m Lala Sadii, but you can just call me Lala. I’m a 19 year old girl who is quirky, sweet, and has a loving heart but for some reason the guy I’m obsessed with still doesn’t like me. I mean I’m a catch. 

I love acting like I’m the main character and sometimes you’ll find me…well not sometimes, ALWAYS talking to myself in my room as I’m in one of those gen z dramatic Hollywood movies. 

You might not know this but I’m a great dancer aside from the fact I have broken three bones, 2 ankle sprains, and caused many many bruises. But other than that, I can dance like there is no tomorrow

I also sing. Singing in the shower, in the car, at school, and even when I’m asleep, and that’s only because I have a voice of an angel…well a beginner angel but still an angel.

You see I have the full package yet still the love of my life Joshua can’t seem to get it

Name any sport you want and I have done it and tried it…I never said I was any good at them but I still did it. Now doesn’t that show how determined I am and how I love embarrassment. But there is that one sport that I was very good at, running. Other than the fact every time I ran, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my heart was gonna explode.

So now you know about my athletic side, my beginner angelic voice, my dangerous dancing skills, and my professional acting, but what about my soft and artistic side? 

I played the violin for 8 years, you know the instrument that has the four strings, and when you touch them they make that beautiful sound, well only if you’re as good as me. I was so good that I have dropped that instrument more times than the many shoes I have in my closet…and by the way I have a lot of shoes! 


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